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Serra Do Cipó

Serra Do Cipó

The title of "Garden of the world" given by landscape artist Burle Marx to Serra do Cipó, in 1950, lives up to one of the most exuberant natural complexes on the planet. rediscover it daily and become aware of its uniqueness.

No attribute characterizes Serra do Cipó better than its diversity of fauna and flora, it exudes charm in its waterfalls, caves, archaeological sites, rivers, a world reference of ecology, not to mention the special touch of Minas Gerais cuisine, a delight!

Located just 100km from Belo Horizonte, Serra do Cipó has incredible landscapes and a preserved nature that lives in harmony with the tourists who come to visit this region.

It is a true sanctuary.
To get to know all this better, stay at Pousada Adega Cipó with all the stewardship.


Waterfalls and natural pools with crystal clear waters, wonderful ecological trails, rock paintings, open air botanical museum.

For climbers on duty, Serra do Cipó is much more than an attraction, it is a world reference in climbing due to its incredible walls

For many, Serra do Cipó is a mystical place, a land of crystals and flying saucers.

There is no doubt, in general it is the beauty and purity of the waters that attract the greatest number of visitors.